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     Q: Why has SunJel changed its can?

A: Wondering why our can changed recently? We at SunJel and Terra Flame always want you, the customer, to have the best experience possible. So, we’ve improved the quality of our can. Transporting our product to you can be a contact sport at times. This left our cans dented or damaged for certain customers. To help out, we made our new cans are thicker, sturdier and even easier to open. Plus, you still don’t have to peel off annoying labels.

SunJel No Soot, No Fumes, No Odor.

     Q: How do I cancel my fuel subscription?

A: Please reach out to us at 801-937-9480 and we will cancel your subscription manually. You can cancel at anytime.

     Q: How do I dispose of my fuel cans?

A: If you have consumed all of the fuel, our cans are recyclable. If you need to dispose of cans that have some fuel remaining, take the cans to your local paint shop. They will be able to help you dispose of cans with remaining fuel.

     Q: Why do the new fuel cans say Terra Flame on them?

A: You may notice that our new cans say Terra Flame on them instead of SunJel. Don’t worry about it. Terra Flame has owned SunJel for the past six years and we intend to continue SunJel’s excellent legacy of creating value for our customers.

We are making the shift because Terra Flame will be introducing beautiful new products to the marketplace and we want you to have the first shot at those products. Still the same great fuel and the same great company. Just a new name with some new products on the way!

     Q: Why is my flame not as bright? How do I make it brighter?

A: Many of you have requested a hotter flame so we've changed our formula to make the flame 25% hotter making your environment even more welcoming. This change has, unfortunately, affected the vibrancy of our flame.

To enhance the color of the flame without losing the increased warmth, we recommend adding a pinch of table salt before lighting. When used in accordance with the instructions below, salt invigorates the flame. We are currently experimenting with different fuel combinations so you can get a brighter, warmer flame without extra additives or cost.


Open the can with our magnetic lid tool or a screw driver.

Add a pinch of table salt.

Reseal and shake lightly.

Light and enjoy!

*Add more salt as needed.

SunJel No Soot, No Fumes, No Odor.

     Q: How long does each can burn?

It is nearly impossible to predict the burn time of any gel fuel. Just like a piece of fire wood, the burn time for a gel fuel is completely at the mercy of the surrounding environment. Environmental factors include but are not limited to: type of fireplace, airflow, temperature, elevation, humidity, as well as many other conditions. While it is impossible to consistently predict the burn time, the average SunJel™ can will burn for three hours.

SunJel No Soot, No Fumes, No Odor.

     Q: How long does SunJel™ take to ship? (Do you offer overnight shipping?)

A: All Items are shipped using ground services. Typical ground shipping time is 5 - 7 business days. SunJel™ can only ship using ground services and therefore we are unable to overnight any of our fuel products.

     Q: Does SuJel™ have a smell?

A: No, SunJel™ doesn't put off any odor while burning. SunJel™ has been making quality gel fuel for over 20 years and has always had great reviews from customers and is the only gel fuel on the market that doesn't put off a smell while it is burning. With all Gel Fuels, there will be a slight odor when you open the lid, however as soon as SunJel™ is lit the fire will consume all vapors coming off of the gel and there will no longer be a smell.

     Q: How long will it take to assemble a Terra Flame Home fireplaces?

A: Our products require little to no assembly. Some units are shipped with the glass detached and laid flat in the box to protect it during shipping. Attaching the glass to the fireplace is a simple streamlined process that requires no tools. This makes Terra Flame Home the only out of the box, completely portable , designer fireplace collection in the world. These firespaces are much more than simply a fireplace, it's a unique combination of furniture, art and accessory with a fire accent. Designed to furniture scale, built with bench-craft quality, and available in any of our 23 wood, color and steel finish options.

www.terraflamehome.com Terra Flame Home Fireplaces

     Q: Where can I expect the delivery to come from? (What state? City?)

A: Our products are 100% made in the USA. We have a production facility in Salt Lake City Utah, where we make our fireplaces by hand and personally fill each and every SunJel™ can. We are proud to contribute to our local economy, create jobs and conserve energy and resources by keeping as much of what we do local as possible. USA light

     Q: I’m interested in becoming a SunJel™ / Terra Flame Home ™ dealer, how do I get started?

A: Please email sales@terraflamhome.com or call 801.937.9480 and we will be happy to start you in the process and welcome you to the Terra Flame Home team.

     Q: Where can I buy SunJel™ / Terra Flame Home™ fireplaces locally?

A: Check out our dealer map to find a dealer in your area. TFSJ Dealer Map

     Q: Can I cook food over a SunJel™ flame?

A: No it is an alcohol based gel, so it is not recommended for heating/cooking foods.

     Q: Does SunJel™ put off heat?

A: Each SunJel™can puts off approximately 3,000 BTUS. Two cans put off about 6,000 BTUS which is equivalent to the heat a typical 110 space heater would put out. SunJel™ has a beautiful 7-10 inch golden flame that crackles like a wood fire when it burns

     Q: Will SunJel™ work in my Gel Fuel Fireplace?

A: There are a variety of single use gel fuels on the market that use a similar sized can. SunJel™ can dimensions are: 4" H X 3 3/8" Diameter. Please check with your fireplace manufacturer to see if SunJel™ cans will work in you gel fuel fireplace. SunJel™ has a twenty year history of being the best gel fuel on the market. Our fuel burns for just as long as other fuels, has a beautiful 7 to 10 inch golden flame and unlike other gel fuels, SunJel™ doesn't put off a smell while burning. No fumes, No Soot, No Oder!

     Q: I do not live in the USA, how do I get your product?

A: SunJel™ currently has shipping programs for the USA and Canada. Shipments going to any other country will be handled on a case by case basis.

For questions regarding international shipping
Contact Us:

Terra Flame Home fireplaces can be shipped anywhere in the world.

     Q: How much does SunJel™ Cost?

A: SunJel is known for being the best fuel on the market at the best price. No Fumes, No Soot, No Odor. Please visit our online store to find all of the current pricing. Sun-Jel.com

     Q: Can SunJel™ Ventless Fireplace Fuel be used in my Fire pot?

A:SunJel™ is a single use fuel can that can NOT be used with fire pots. SunJel™ and Terra Flame Home™ are committed to safety. A Commitment to Safety. SunJel™: For our fuel this means we do not make any pour gel products. Single use gel fuel cans are the safest gel fuel method and the only one we endorse. Terra Flame Home™: we have developed a Patented fuel handling system that is the only one of it’s kind in the industry. By requiring the fuel drawer to be locked in order to light the fuel source, it makes it physically impossible to get the lit fuel source out of the firespace without extinguishing it. Safety and ease of operation were the primary focus of this innovative design, keeping the user and living space protected from open flames at all times. For more information, see our instructional video. [video type="vimeo" id="52021718"]

     Q: Where can I store my SunJel™ fuel?

A: We recommend storing the SunJel™ in a cool, dry place. Do not store in extreme temperatures, this may decrease the life of SunJel™. We also recommend having a functioning fire extinguisher in the house in case of emergencies.

     Q: Can I get a brochure (catalogue) of your product?

A: Yes, you can download a catalog here: Brochure Outdoor Catalog Download Interior Catalog Download Or contact us at: sales@terraflamehome.com / 801.937.9480

     Q: My fuel is past it's expiration date. Where can I dispose of it?

A: SunJel™ gel fuel has a shelf life of about one year. All SunJel boxes have a packaging date stamped on them, the fuel is good for one year from this date. If you fuel is past the expiration, we recommend taking it to any local facility that will take old or used paint cans.

     Q: How full should my SunJel can be?

A: There is 13 ounces of gel fuel in the 16 ounce can. This is done to prevent fuel spills during the lighting process. If you have any questions, please call our customer service department at 801-937-9480.

How full should my can be?

     Q: What if I find rust in my can?

A: You may discover a small amount of surface rust in the can. This will have no effect on the performance of the flame or introduce undesirable components to the exhaust.

For More Information: PH: 801.937.9480 Email: info@sun-jel.com