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Terra Flame and SunJel

What Do Our Customers Think?

I also have an insert in my patio fire pit that uses the SunJel cans which I love! No mess or clean up like with real fire wood and the same lovely feeling that flames give!

Anonymous., California

I was very impressed with the high quality and stability of the lantern that was mailed to me. I have already used it and have it as a decorative piece on my back patio.

Stormy R., Arizona

My family loves SunJel and loves the lanterns also. I bought the indoor/outdoor lanterns and use it in the living room. We have a SunJel fireplace that we use too so it is nice we can choose what to use when we want a fire.

Anonymous., Illinois


SunJel is a gel fuel company based out of Salt Lake City, UT. Acquired by Terra Flame in 2012, SunJel is a leader in the gel fuel market and continues expanding through use with Terra Flame’s affordable, high quality décor. Together they are Terra Flame and SunJel, whose goal is to provide lasting memories by creating welcoming environments where families and friends can gather together in warmth and comfort. Our passion is quality time. We strive for affordable prices so everyone can enjoy the relaxation of gel fuel.


Gel fuel is an up and coming way to create “fire spaces” both indoors and outdoors. We use a proprietary Ethanol/Isopropanol blend in a single-use 13 oz. canister to create a beautiful, clean burning flame. Our gel fuel is also odorless and virtually emission-free, which creates a versatility unfound in any other type of fuel. This makes gel fuel perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, which is why gel fuel works with lanterns, torches and fireplaces alike. Take your lantern or torch outside as you enjoy warm nights and bring it right back in when the colder months arrive.


Terra Flame and SunJel have made several innovations in the gel fuel market.

First, we are the only company with Citronella Gel Fuel. Citronella naturally repels mosquitoes and other summer pests, which lets you spend more time outside building memories.

Second, use with Terra Flame products creates an atmosphere unlike any else. Terra Flame prides itself on useful, artistic pieces that enhance any room or landscape. SunJel fuel brings life to any space.

Lastly, gel fuel was originally poured into canisters. This was unsafe and even led to injury. We instead utilize single-use cans. You just open them up and light them. When the flame is spent, you can just throw them away or recycle them. This is easier, safer and costs the same.

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We at Terra Flame and SunJel are passionate about helping others create memorable moments.

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